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HB Red Emperor Semen Special Wagyu Embryo and Semen Sale
We are offering some of the finest Wagyu genetics available.  HB Red Emperor is considered by many to be the most important Red Wagyu bull alive.  His semen will prove invaluable to any Wagyu Breeding ranch for years to come.  Here is your opportunity to purchase his semen prior to his death which will insure its value to increase dramatically.

Mangalitsa Pigs

We also raise the finest pork in the USA.  The equivalent to Kobe Beef but on the pork side of the plate.  These pigs are called Mangalitsa and we want you to consider joining us in this exciting new opportunity.  Most of you will not know much if anything about these "Wooly Pigs".  Thus, let us be the first to introduce you.  Many Wagyu breeders around the country are beginning to hear about them and many have started raising them.  Here are some facts about the meat and fat content:
Mangalitsa pigs are a classified “lard-type” breed. However, Mangalitsa pigs actually have more unsaturated fat (versus high levels of saturated fat) than conventionally bred pigs (classified as “meat-type pigs”). When cooked, Mangalitsa pork is exceptionally, juicy, tender, and marbled. Chefs rave about the meat and lard’s versatility—the lard can be whipped, and chefs don’t need to dress up the meat’s flavor with excess salt or spices. When cured, Mangalitsa meat makes unsurpassed hams, charcuterie, and salamis, due to the high monounsaturated fat content (versus high polyunsaturated fat in commercially produced pork).
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Mangalitsa piglets for sale


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